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Monday, March 7, 2011

TMI - Too Much Information

Does it seem that you’re inundated with TMI?  Nowadays, everywhere you look, someone has a blog.  If you go to they claim to have over 500,000 blogs; that’s Five Hundred Thousand!
So, how do you “weed” through all that information?  And, not only that, but what about the social networks you may belong to; i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.  When I began on the Internet, way back in 1999, and the idea of social networking was belonging to a Yahoo group.  Weblogs, or blogs were just beginning, and mostly for private groups or organizations.
So, back to the big question, how to get through it all.  I believe that first of all, you need a niche, an interest, which will help you to narrow down what you read.  That being said, which do you choose?  That is the hardest part of all.
More importantly, though, as the owner of a blog, how do you get read?  If you are like me and trying to use the Internet as a source of income, being read is important; traffic is important.
Rule #1: Having something important to say. 
My nephew Steve Sisler has made a comfortable living out of this.  He hits the nail on the head at his blog Serial Thinker, where he say’s “If you have something to say, a unique way of saying it and a solution to a problem, you will be in demand.” Check out his page for this and even more interesting ideas.
Give ‘em something for nothing.  I have lived on this earth for over fifty years.  During that time I have read a lot of books, and articles, both printed and digital based.  From what I have discerned, giving reaps receiving, it’s that simple.  That seems to be a natural law.
                Once you have gained their attention, provide the ability to continue to be informed by you, and offer something that seems so valuable they are willing to pay you for it.
While I play at Facebook and work on the Internet I keep coming across this ad for an audio copy of Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success”.  The only problem is, you have to “sign up”, with a credit card for 14 day Free Trial, so you can get your FREE audio book. (Sometimes FREE really isn’t FREE, like I define it!) So, what did I do?  What I do so often, and of course, that is to GOOGLE it. When I goggled what I found— A FREE copy of “The Law of Success” in PDF form.  So, what does that mean? Well, I actually have to read it, as opposed to listen to it!
Would you like to have a FREE copy of “The Law of Success”?  If so, please visit my website and click on the link for the FREE copy of “The Law of Success”.
Happy Blogging!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Supper 1

Mmm! Super Supper 1:
                Tonight it was a delicious meal. 
Breaded Cube Steaks Baked Potato, Cottage Cheese Salad.
                Now, before you question the Cottage Cheese Salad, it was “the best”! 
Obviously, the Breaded Cube Steaks, and the Baked Potato speaks for itself, as for the Cottage Cheese Salad.  Recipe Follows:
Cottage Cheese  Salad
·         2 lbs Cottage Cheese
·         1 Yellow Pepper
·         1 bunch Scallions
·         1 pkg Radishes
·         1 Tomato
·         1 tblsp Garlic Powder
·         1 tbsp Seasoning Salt
·         1 tsp Black Pepper

This is the recipe for a mid to large group.
I cut it in half to make a small salad. 
The tomato I seeded, I tend to do that, and used just the “meat”.
I used a food chopper to dice the Scallion, Yellow Pepper, and Radishes.
To this mixture I added the Diced Tomato.
Season Salt, Garlic Powder and Black Pepper are to taste.
Mix all of these ingredients with a proportional amount of Cottage Cheese.
Mix well.
This salad is best served after being allowed to chill for at least an hour.

Blogging - When, Where, How

                “To Blog, or not to Blog, that is the question of the day.”
When do you blog?  Is Blogging something that should happen vicariously throughout the day, or something that is best reserved for only once, maybe twice a day.
Shouldn’t the Blog be something that is relevant and informative?  By that I mean it’s not just about writing something in hopes that not only will it be read, but it will also inform.  This particular post, for example, addresses something I believe to be important.  This post is all about when, where, and how to blog. 
I see a lot of topics inside the discussion board that reads “follow me”, or “share me”.   A lot of the topic “titles” deal primarily with having people, simply, visit the blog and give thumbs up, a share, or a follow.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the idea of followers.  After all, without followers, how would ones blog ever rise to the top, where it can be found and seen.  And, if you are using the Internet to create profits, then high ranking is important.  Without traffic there will be no sales!
So, back to the primary core of this post – when, where, and how do you blog?
At this point, I believe that I will opt for the daily, maybe even twice daily post.  I want to be able to not only pay attention to my blog, but work as well.  By that I mean, work on my website, which is constantly changing, as I look for that “perfect” look.  I, also, spend a significant amount of time on research, studying things of interest to me.  Also, I spend some of my time reading what the other affiliates and MLM’ers have to say about the way they have achieved success, using the Internet. 
If you visit my blog you’ll find four tabs; Home, Let’ Talk About Affiliate Marketing, Constancy Theory, and Cooking-Recipes and Such.  These four tabs represent interests of mine.  I hope that these interests mirror those of others, and that, eventually, I will be posting on all three subjects.  I, also, hope to create discussion, as well as sharing, i.e. Recipes and Such.  That tab will be great for others to share their favorite Recipes.  I am hoping to find a feed for a Recipe of the Day.
As far as the Conspiracy tab goes, well, I like to read the “current news” as seen by those folks, and share it as well. 
This post, for example, will go under the Home tab, which I will use for General Interest items.
So, I hope this post gets read, commented, and that I get “thumbs”, “follows”, and “shares” from it. 
At any rate, thanks for reading it.