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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Supper 1

Mmm! Super Supper 1:
                Tonight it was a delicious meal. 
Breaded Cube Steaks Baked Potato, Cottage Cheese Salad.
                Now, before you question the Cottage Cheese Salad, it was “the best”! 
Obviously, the Breaded Cube Steaks, and the Baked Potato speaks for itself, as for the Cottage Cheese Salad.  Recipe Follows:
Cottage Cheese  Salad
·         2 lbs Cottage Cheese
·         1 Yellow Pepper
·         1 bunch Scallions
·         1 pkg Radishes
·         1 Tomato
·         1 tblsp Garlic Powder
·         1 tbsp Seasoning Salt
·         1 tsp Black Pepper

This is the recipe for a mid to large group.
I cut it in half to make a small salad. 
The tomato I seeded, I tend to do that, and used just the “meat”.
I used a food chopper to dice the Scallion, Yellow Pepper, and Radishes.
To this mixture I added the Diced Tomato.
Season Salt, Garlic Powder and Black Pepper are to taste.
Mix all of these ingredients with a proportional amount of Cottage Cheese.
Mix well.
This salad is best served after being allowed to chill for at least an hour.

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