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Please feel free to add your posts concerning "Conspiracy Theory".
Since my nephew, Steve, last posted a GREAT LINK about what's going on in this country, it started me, back, to thinkin'. [uh-oh!]
I have a friend who works in the oil/gas industry. He basically provides fuel to ALL the machinery;during the fracturing, or "fracking" process.
The actual term is "Hydraulic Fracturing".
You can, actually, view a "frac job", just click.
And, here's a REALLY GOOD "website" about it.

To me, this is just another one of the means to which our country is going to hell!
If you begin to look at what they're doing just for the sake of oil!
And, quite frankly, it's sickening!
"The Blood of the Harlot"!
I digress!

So......if you're, at all, interested in the decline of America; the decline of The World;
or, are just, generally, interested in conspiracies, please, feel FREE to post..