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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tne Internet, Social Networks, and Profits!

It looks as though this blog will, probably, take on the ideas of Affiliate Marketing, Internet Traffic, SEO, and more of the topics that all effect business.
I am going to begin to "scour" the net looking for as much information, to share, as I can find concerning the profitability of inteacting with the social networking phenomena.
In late 1999 I began my journey on the Internet.
At that point "blogs" were more of a message board situation.
Social networking, at that time, primarily consisted of "groups".
And, business for profit was growing.
As technology moves forward, it has become quite clear that the incorporation of social media is more important than ever to business.
I am still a firm believer in MLM, or Affiliate Marketing as a profitable venture.
And, I further believe that it can only be enhanced through the use of  blogs, and interaction on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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