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Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Not To Make A Living

The last time someone took a poll of Americans who were thinking about changing careers, 57% said they were looking for new and brighter opportunities elsewhere. We're guessing that number's probably higher now.
Statistics worth reading.
At age 50, 75% of the population has less than $5,000 in the bank for retirement.
At age 65, 45% of Americans depend on relatives, 30% depend on charities, 23% still are working (most can't afford to quit and work until they no longer are physically capable) and Only 2% are self-sustaining.
At the present time, it is impossible to support a family of two working full time at minimum wage! For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living then their parents! Automation is taking layoffs to record highs!
The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that out of 100 people that start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65...
- 1 is wealthy
- 4 have enough money to retire
- 63 depend on Social Security or charity
- 29 are deceased
95% of people, age 65 and over cannot afford to retire and work until they die!!
And that's only IF they have jobs to be able to work.
What Happened to Safety and Security?

Real Writing Jobs

Real Writing Jobs

Why do we no longer put our trust and faith in "Big Business"? Even well-known Gateway has SLASHED it's employees to the minimum ...more than half their work force ended up out on the streets looking for a new source of income.
In J. Paul Getty's book "How To Get Rich", his first rule for success is, "You must be in business for yourself. You will never get rich working for someone else."
We heard about one highly qualified engineer who ended up out on the street after giving 25 dedicated years to his job. His advice?
"Don't do what I did -- wasting 25 years building equity in someone else's business. Do yourself a favor and start building equity in yourself now!"
This partly explains why someone starts a new business at home in the United States every 10 seconds. In the past 14 years alone, the numbers of businesses at home have grown from 6 million to 32 million with no slow-down in sight. In fact, an estimated 8,493 new businesses from home open every day.
The United States is now driven by an information and service economy. Over the past decade, Fortune 500 companies have laid off 4.4 million workers while smaller companies steadily continue to reduce their work forces.
As companies continue to downsize and re-organize, many professionals will seek out and search for new ways to take control of their careers. Many of these individuals have forsworn traditional "nine to five" office jobs and are making their homes pay off in more ways than one.
For the entrepreneur, businesses at home have become the bridge between work-crazed big cities and easy-paced family-oriented small towns. Link Resources Corp. reports that market research shows more than 29 million people run either full-time or part-time businesses from their homes.
People used to believe that their livelihood depended on living in big cities near big corporations. That is no longer true, thanks to personal computers, increased phone services, fax machines, and the Internet, it is no longer necessary to live in close proximity to "Big Business". You can now operate that "Big Business" right from your home office.
In today's economy it simply makes good sense to have a secondary income brought into the home -- from the home, right?
For many people in our business, that secondary income has turned into very significant primary incomes a lot less time than you might think.
How can this be? The Decision Pack goes into a great deal of detail on how this is possible for anyone, regardless of background or experience fact shows you some real life examples. This is your chance to meet some of us and find out how we can help you achieve what we have managed to achieve.

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