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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm wondering if Blogging is enough.
All of us who operate a blog need to have followers. Are all your followers reading your blog? Probably not. Yet, to achieve ranking in all the major engines, it's important that you have followers. Although, we have to understand that the variety of blogs are as various as the people operating them. Each blog is an independent entity under the control of it's owner. And, that owner determines the content.

Some blogs have nothing at all to do with business. Many blogs are family oriented, or affiliated with groups such as church, or other types of fraternal groups. Most of those blogs have followers that are directly affiliated with the “cause”.
So, I believe that the bloggers most interested with followers can be broken into two types; business and informational. Those two may seem alike in many ways, and are, yet both have distinct differences.
Although both want to be read, it's the informational blog that is most interested in being read. I believe that the “business” blogger wants visitors, and whether they read the articles, or not, they're hooping to generate “business”.
With that in mind, I come back to my original query, “is Blogging enough”. Your answer may depend on your idea of blogging. Almost everyone involved in blogging knows about Blogger. In addition to Blogger, there is a variety of blogging software for those interested in more control.
Some might consider Twitter a form of a blog, and if you begin to break down blogging into a type of social media, there's also Face book YouTube, and others.
Followers, hopefully, convert into page views, which are, in my opinion, far more important than just followers. Someone who becomes a follower may only visit your page one time. So, page views show that you're receiving visitors, though, in some cases they may be regular followers.
Going beyond followers, and page views, there lies a “top notch”; comments.
Comments can be far more valuable than just followers. By receiving comments, you know that people are actually reading your blog. And, after all, why go to all the trouble to post an article, if no one is going to read it.
Is Blogger followers enough? Not if you want to be sure you are read, your message is getting out there, and if you're in business, what you want to sell is being seen.
In conclusion, multiple sources of social media involvement is necessary to be seen, read, and sell.

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