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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Internet Business Ain't Easy

You see so much information available. 
It becomes obvious, as to how, information overload happens.
As an Entry Level Internet Entrepreneur one has to become aware of what I call "Double D's".
Now, guys, this ain't what you're thinkin'!
Working towards being able to finance your lifestyle by being able to carry your office on your back,
can have a LOT of ups, and downs.
I digress.
As for the "Double D's", well, that's the place you don't want to be; Doubt and Despair.
I talk about this, because, I believe it's something everyone who, deeply, desires to be able to use
the Internet, and their computer to generate an income, goes through.
Buying a computer, and login on; that just isn't enough to get it done.
Then there's the purchase of a domain.
Nope, not instant dollars.
Ok, well we got the hosting, now what?
A webpage, yep, got that too.
How come I'm not making any money?
Ooops....there's those "Double D's"!
Someone once told me about opportunity.
He said, "Son, they'll tell you that opportunity knocks on your door."
He went on to say, "But what they don't tell you, is that it doesn't only knock once. It knocks daily; you're just not answering the door."
I have thought about that for a long time, and he's right.  Opportunity is all around.
Oooops..."Double D's"!
Remember, just like life, it's not about the destination; it’s about the journey!
Don't let them "Double D's" get 'ya down.

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